Compilation of Published Articles

This e-book contains three of my articles published in the journal MODERN ASTROLOGY: (i) Integrating Multiple Predictive Tools - A Case Study, (ii) Health Issues of Relatives - Astrological Clues, and (iii) How Transits Affect Dasa-Bhukti Lords. Though each of my article deals with the applied aspects of Vedic Astrology, I chose these three articles for this compilation as they exclusively deal with few techniques which help in interpretation of various aspects of a horoscope.

The first article was published in January 2013. It explains the utility and the way of integration of multiple tools of Vedic astrology such as divisional charts, Ashtakavarga, transits, Vimshottari Dasa, Rasi-Tulya-Vatsara Dasa, Yogini Dasas and Prasna against a case study. The second article, published in July and August 2012, shows the potential of a horoscope in indicating serious health problems to the native's relatives like mother, father, brother, sister, wife, son etc. The third article that was published in January and April 2015 explains the method of timing of events, both good and bad, using the transit of Dasa and Bhukti lords taking the clue from Phaladeepika by demonstrating on a real-life case.

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