Marvel of Vedic Astrology

‘Blind chart analysis’ is a procedure in which an astrologer predicts the past events and present condition of a native only by looking into the horoscope, without having a prior knowledge about the native. Astrologers practice this method for many reasons: for birth-time rectification, to bring faith in the client about the efficacy of astrology, to test the astrological techniques, to find out which method suits best for the given case, and to demonstrate his/her predictive abilities.

To do ‘blind chart analysis’ successfully an astrologer should have very sound knowledge of the subject, vast experience, good intuition and a bit of luck also. Though I use both conventional methods and naadi techniques of Vedic Astrology in my practice, the Nandi Naadi method is the main tool for almost 95%. It will normally take 10-20 minutes to formulate these questions. Applying the Naadi rules given in my book SARFAROSH is the key to my success. I do not claim infallibility, and it is also not possible in predictive sciences like astrology. If more than 75-80% of events predicted turn out to be true then you may consider an astrologer to be successful.

After I shared few case studies of blind chart analysis on my facebook page I got several requests to reveal the astrological logic/reason behind the events that I have predicted. This small book is the result. This book contains 10 case studies where I have applied the technique of ‘blind chart analysis’ – predicting the past and present condition of the native without knowing anything beforehand. 

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